Alpaca #5, Cavatina–she’s not mine, you know :-)

When we first purchased three alpacas, I had to make a solemn promise. I wouldn’t ask for any more alpacas for a year. Having a fourth born within days of our purchase was astonishing. The little black beauty, Demelza whetted my appetite and any woman who has and enjoys having a baby around knows that it makes you want to keep a little one around.

I really did intend to keep my promise–really. But Madrigal, our third alpaca’s mother had the most darling cria, Cavatina. One of my girls had a half Accoyo, half sister and I wanted her so much. Hmmm. I had been really good between July and November. OK, I wanted Cavatina and had to figure out how to add her to our herd. When I came to visit, she would break away and come running over to see me. So darling, so many alpaca kisses. Hmmm.

I confess. I gave her to my husband for Christmas.


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4 Responses to “Alpaca #5, Cavatina–she’s not mine, you know :-)”

  1. tazzieval Says:

    that is an EXCELLENT ploy, well done, one I shall have to remember.

  2. zenasurialpacas Says:

    Alas, I am devious. Snicker.

  3. darlong Says:

    Excellent! And who can blame you? I was going to back off on breeding for a bit…then last October my stud Hannibal threw a perfect true silver girl from one of my sweet but somewhat homely looking white gals and I was all excited again! Repeat the breeding? You betcha. True silver suri? She attracts a crows everywhere she goes and is adorable. I call her Suki and love her to bits. The crias are a reminder of the joy life can still hold.

  4. zenasurialpacas Says:

    I find some homely looking white gals keep handsome studs genetics from getting too sissified. 🙂 We need to be sure that we keep our herds strong and not just gorgeous. I love that you now have a true silver girl and am sending thoughts of a similar cria your way. Go Suki!

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