Photos have Vanished!–Felting Hats

Bear with me, the photo button has vanished, but I wanted to mention the delightful time I had at Blue Moon Ranch today. Four of us gathered to make felt from alpaca fleece and turned that product into hats.

Three of us opted to use dyed fiber (brilliant blue, dusty pink, purple with lavender, and I went for natural dark brown and cider colors. If you enjoy working with fiber you have to give this a try. The fiber is carded and placed in alternate criss-cross layers, four of them. Using lots of water and soap (not detergent) all of the air bubbles are worked out and a gentle rubbing motion creates a sheet of fabric. Unbelievable!

We used hat forms and information available on and four very different, but rather nice hats resulted. I am amazed that I could do this and will post pictures once I figure out where my photo option has gone.

We all decided that felting hats could be tedious without companionship but, add a Marguerita and some friends and it’s a party!


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6 Responses to “Photos have Vanished!–Felting Hats”

  1. LocoLindy Says:

    Good going! It is a lot of fun with a group (and a bit of alcohol, too!)

  2. darlong Says:

    I’m assuming you didn’t use suri fibre for this project. I assumed Suri does not felt well. Looking forward to the pics!

    • zenasurialpacas Says:

      This felting session did not feature suri, however I have suri felting on my list of near range projects and will blog on it when it happens. I would have tried suti exvept for the fact that I had none carded. Luckily, there was a carding machine set up and I had a quickie lesson. So now that carding is demystified, I’ll try it.

  3. bluemoonranch Says:

    Here are some of the photos of our felting day at Blue Moon : I’m sort of new to blogging,so all things are not in the places whe I want them to be, but at least you can see some of what we did.

    • zenasurialpacas Says:

      If I can figure out how, I would dearly love to link to your blog for our Mad Hatter’s party. Would you object?

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