Betty, Cavatina and photos

Maybe Betty, my sixth alpacas broke the blog. She is a brown that shears mammoth quantities of Grade 3 fleece and she is about as big as a house since she is due in November and a goodly-sized girl anyway. I acquired her in late January as part of the deal that brought me Cavatina, the indeterminate dark girl who took a second of four in her first show, but placed last of 9 in her next show (fleece) because someone decided she should show as a dark fawn. She lost big time because there was “color contamination” in her fleece.

You can look at a cria photo of Cavatina in one of my earlier blogs and see that she is not a dark fawn. As she approaches her first birthday, she is even more unusually colored.

Had I sent a photo, it would have been obvious that she was not a dark fawn, but as a newbie I was afraid to send more or less than what was asked. Photos stand in for physical presence and help us understand more about what we hear. I can tell you about the wood being used to build my barn and house or how many square feet each is or the outer dimensions or the color, but without photos you probably will comprehend far less.

If clothes make the man and alpacas make the alpaca ranch, doesn’t it follow that photos make the blog? I am seriously considering closing this blog and moving to another site. It has been two weeks plus without photos and without help from word press despite my piteous pleas.

I was posting along merrily, photos and all–then nothing, My first clue was a post I have deleted labeled “Brown Betty.” I could see the picture, but when the blog was up, it consisted of the title and a lot of symbols–show and tell without the show or tell. Some of you looked at it anyway and probably thought I had lost my mind.

It is a given fact that I am computer semi-literate, but my humble efforts were being recognized. As many as 28 people were looking on a given day and I was on a roll showing barn and house construction and five of my 10 alpacas as I told their stories. Now what?

Stay tuned. Something is going to happen soon.


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2 Responses to “Betty, Cavatina and photos”

  1. Caroline in NH Says:

    My suggestion would be to get a blog on blogger – – free & easy to use.

  2. zenasurialpacas Says:

    Thank you Caroline, I am seriously considering that. A blog without photos is like a day without sinshine. @alpacadero spent a long time trying to help me–to no avail. Thanks to her for all of that time and effort. If it is not resolved in a few days, I’m just going to have to make a change.

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