Zena takes my breath away

Imagine standing in the middle of a huge field. Now stand on the second floor of a a building on a hill in that huge field–that’s the property in Zena. The house has seven gables and a room two stories tall. Is that a gable too? In the original plan, there were three gables, but since the builder is a personal friend he kept saying things like, “You could make that room seven feet longer if you move that wall and it wouldn’t cost much more.”

So we moved it and now I, we are overwhelmed. There is a room over the garage (you can park trucks in the garage, I think) that would probably house a family of six in style. We once lived in a house that was bigger than this, but half of it was underground when you looked at it from the front.

Right now I’m thinking we’ll never be able to heat the house. Maybe we’ll camp in two rooms. Initially we intend to live over the barn in a two bedroom apartment there. All I can say is , “Holy cow!”

I’ll put photos up as soon as I find where I put my camera. Count me currently as flabbergasted.

My favorite thing is the barn. A friend of mine said to send some photos and they would help me figure out where I could put the paddocks. With 30 or so acres immediately surrounding the barn, it would appear the answer is “Anywhere you want to.”


2 Responses to “Zena takes my breath away”

  1. tazzieval Says:

    oh MI, it sounds adorable, well done so far, and drive carefully back to Utah, altho’ if you stay on that cloud 9 you could float back…

  2. zenasurialpacas Says:

    Hi Val, I just blogged a bit and put up a couple of photos of the ranch property. We floated to Richmond to see our son in a play, then back to OK on Monday.

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