Richmond Reprieve, then back to OK

This appears to be our month of mooching off friends and relatives. I think once we get back to Utah and packing there will be a bit of relief. As those of you who have been following know, Tom went to Oregon to be with his aunt and her family when she died. I made the trip to Oklahoma with the first load of our possessions, driving the Highlander with a 14-foot U-Haul in tow. Takes about 20 hours of driving.

Our trusty Cocker Spaniel Spot rode shotgun. The move from a tiny room-sized backyard to 78 acres has him thinking he died and went to heaven. I hate to take him back, but he is a glue-dog (likes to stick close to me or Tom) and I think the sepatation would be too stressful.


We walked with Spot to the south of the property–not quite there yet, but a nice view of the house and barn. The construction looks different every day since they are about to put the sides on the barn and roof the porch and house so it is “in the dry.” Once it can’t get wet inside, the plumber, electrician, drywaller and such will do their magic. In this photo, the roofed  porch, which goes around three sides of the house has not yet been added.

Tom and I are now in Virginia. Saturday night we will see what acting has done to our son. He is playing the lead in the play Psycho Beach Party and we have been warned that: He is playing a girl and there are mature themes and we should be prepared to be shocked. Just what parents dream of for their only son. Next week he auditions for Grapes of Wrath at the Barksdale Theatre. We are pulling for a male role with no mature themes. He is thin enough to play a starving Okie/Arkie from the Dust Bowl years, another theme we don’t want to hear about just now.

A good spot for watching the girlsThis is one of many ideal views of the barn from the house. Note the 14-foot U-Haul I pulled from Utah.

The house started out at about 1600 square feet. If entirely finished it should be about 3300 square feet. Our contractor said it wasn’t that much more to raise the roof and he added gables to the back of the house. A nice touch since it gives cross ventilation and there is a lovely pond down the hill away from the house. The room above the garage wasn’t in the original plans and neither was that huge garage come to think of it. I think we could put a bowling alley in that room.

I think we could run a small hotel once we are done.

I will blog about the play soon–assuming Tom and I haven’t died from embarrassment.


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