On Cria Watch from Richmond

Tonight we are in Virginia. Our son has just performed amazingly well in his university play. It’s hard to blog tonight I am so floored by his performance. He totally transformed himself into six different characters, at one point one right after another. I don’t know where all of this talent came from since Tom and I can’t act or carry a tune between us. If I can get a photo, I’ll add it to one of the blogs. Go Tommy!

Meanwhile, back in Utah, our Sonnet is acting about as Pregnant as she possibly can. Sonnet is the dam of two of our other girls, Madrigal and Cavatina.

Sonnet and Cavatina

Sonnet and Cavatina

I think what impresses me about Sonnet besides the fact that she makes adorable, ribbon-winning babies is that they make up a family group that interacts together and is very close. I never saw anything quite like it in the animal world. They are truly a family of alpacas–I guess that is what a herd in the wild is about.

I promised you a photo of Cantu yesterday and here he is, not quite a year old.

Cantu at GWAS this spring--good going Cantu.

Cantu at GWAS this spring--good going Cantu.

Cantu took Tom by storm with his amazing red/brown color. He really is that amazing shade you see in the photo. His grandfather is the well-known Sierra Bonita’s MacGyver and his father is Fox Run’s Nomar. He is not only from wonderful lineage and a remarkable color with fabulous fleece, locking, luster and handle, but get a load of that beard. He was our first boy and we are pleased.


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2 Responses to “On Cria Watch from Richmond”

  1. tazzieval Says:

    so happy your son’s performance was rewarding, what fun. The family thing with alpacas is so heartwarming, we have two mothers who both have 2 cria here, and they so often mooch about in a family group each. Nice to see siblings watching out for each other. Then the three wethers mooch about together looking left out!

  2. zenasurialpacas Says:

    This blog turned out to be about families, didn’t it? I didn’t realize that until you mentioned it.. Thank you for your comment.

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