Introducing New Cria SkyKing

On October 6, our Sonnet delivered a pure white male cria weighing in at 19.8 pounds. He is big and strong and quite handsome!

Tom decided we should name him SkyKing. He has beautiful lustrous fleece, long staple length and awesome coverage. He already has a nice little beard as well as coverage down all four legs to his feet, which are nice and straight. He made it through the 23 degree night no worse for wear. Here he is in the sunshine with his winter coat on <g>.

SkyKing, Two Days OldIt got down to 23* October 6th, but both he and Sonnet were closed in the barn under the heaters all night, so my guess is he wasn’t even chilly.

As of October 8, he was already 21 lbs. His IgG was 983. He is bold and mingling with the others as though he was just as big as anyone.

SkyKing is Already in Charge More pics of ranch available if anyone wants to see more boards going up. <g>



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