Alpaca Obsession–Part 1

OK, I’ll admit it. I have one of those “(S)he who dies with the most toys (alpacas) wins” things. Not really exactly that, it’s more like being someone who collects exquisite paintings for pleasure because they are lovely and enjoyable. My idea is not totally selfish though since I intend to part with some of my gems eventually. Right now I am gloating over the genetics in my new, herd, behaving like Scrooge McDuck does with gold coins in his money bin.

Oh come on, be neat. I'm bragging about you. Oh, come on. Be neat, I’m bragging about you.

We are hoping that raising alpacas in Oklahoma will mean less dust, less hay feeding and cleaner fleeces. Right now, I want to be with them every minute, to touch them, to look at them. Wait, I’m back to Scrooge McDuck. I hope hoarding isn’t involved!

Deep breath. Must concentrate on homesteading aspect of raising alpacas, the life-style everyone talks about having. By the way, here is a new photo of the house. Every time I see it, it has changed dramatically.

This is the house minus the garage and upstairs room

This is the house minus the garage and upstairs room

I never lived in a new house before. They are asking me things like where do I want outlets and ceiling fans and what kind of cabinets and plumbing fixtures. Wait a minute. I intend to spend my time in the barn. Tom, you handle this.

Oops. Sorry. I am truly interested in the house. But those dear, sweet alpacas–

Hey, look at me, I have a new importance in your lives!

Hey, look at me, I have a new importance in your lives!

Where is Rhapsody with her “You know where the boys are and I want to be pregnant” kisses?


6 Responses to “Alpaca Obsession–Part 1”

  1. lahondaknitter Says:

    Me. want. alpacas. too.

  2. zenasurialpacas Says:

    Be very careful, that’s just how it starts.

  3. tazzieval Says:

    that HOUSE! How FAB. Have to be careful, I’m getting jealous. Those black pacas very NICE. House fixtures, you can never have enough power outlets, banks of 4 in multiple places waist high, that is my advice. My pet hates, double adapters at power outlets and outlets down near the floor. enjoy, cheers and champagnes, Valeri

  4. zenasurialpacas Says:

    It really wasn’t supposed to be that big. This is what happens when you know the contractor and “It’s not that much more to… ” 🙂

  5. Jackie Says:

    What handsome alpacas. That little white one looks very inquisitive. And what a fantastic house that’s going to be. Love the huge porch. The countryside looks so different from Ohio, so I’m fascinated by it.

  6. zenasurialpacas Says:

    I’m just giddy with delight over everything involved in this move–and totally frightened–and totally calm. Hanging out with alpacas helps.

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