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Today we signed up for the Fall Festival in Loveland, CO. This will be our second show although our alpacas have been to a few more. I love alpaca shows!

So far: Demi has taken a fourth at the Southwest Regional Alpaca Show and a second for fleece at the Suri Network, Cantu has been in the top 3 three times in some pretty impressive shows, blue-red-white. Bravo Cantu. Cavatina has two reds, one for the whole package and one for fleece. Fantine has a red for fleece despite a nasty break when she was quite young.

We have a basket-full of ribbons that came with the alpacas we just bought, including a several color championships.

Hmmm… What do you think about shows and ribbons? Do you enter? Do you win? Does it add to the value of an alpaca or is it a waste of money? Does the quality of a show alpaca have anything to do with ribbons? Do ribbons won influence how much you like an alpaca or how much you would pay for it?

I love and believe in shows and I will keep on showing our alpacas, but I would like to hear from you. What do you think?


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6 Responses to “P.M. Alpacas in my Blog”

  1. dutchhollow Says:

    Why aren’t alpaca shows like horse shows? Where’s the cash prizes? You spend $100’s to enter I’d think it’d be nice to have cash rewards for 1st place, Champion and Reserve wouldn’t you think?

    • zenasurialpacas Says:

      I definitely like that idea. We just spent over $300 to enter a show and there will be room, meals and transportation to add to that. I wonder if more people would enter shows if there were monetary prizes. Thoughts anyone?

  2. tazzieval Says:

    cash prizes is a good idea – needs a solid, well known sponsor to put up the money. Perhaps we should all be a bit more ‘commercial’ in this aspect. My personal thoughts are they should be substantial cash amounts, if we were to start at the low end it would look very token’ish rather than seriously respectful of the quality of the animal.

    • zenasurialpacas Says:

      I have no idea who that sponsor could be. There are a lot of shows in a number of countries. I would be nice if some local shows could find sponsors and offer even minimal cash prizes. Everything has to start somewhere.

  3. AlpacaFarmgirl Says:

    I think shows are excellent for the alpaca industry, and they are a great way for new breeders to get to know others in the industry and make a name for themselves.

    Over the years I have spent tons of time in the showring. But as money gets tighter in this economy I’ve chosen to go to fewer shows and go to more fiber events and have more on-farm events. At the end of the year I’ve decided I’d rather have more sold alpacas than blue ribbons – so I’m staying home more this year.

    • zenasurialpacas Says:

      So you recommend shows for new breeders? I love shows and they scare me to death.

      I know you’ve had alpacas for quite some time and have established yourself in many ways before being bitten (quite thoroughly) by the fiber bug. We are interested in selling and will begin our campaign soon. What do you recommend for novice sellers? Ooh! This sounds like another blog, doesn’t it?

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