I was about to write another blog about alpacas when I took a look around our Salt Lake City house, a real look. I had just downloaded a couple of free knitting patterns from the internet and was going to file them. Where?

Boxes and piles of papers screamed at me, “I’m not the place!”

The thought struck me: This is not going to be pretty at tax time unless I get my act together. Here is a pile of unreconciled receipts from our latest trek to the ranch. Here is one from the trip before. Here are receipts from the last show. I have all of the software to make everything neat and tidy, just not the motivation in the midst of moving.

We are selling the Honda, maybe today: More papers. We are going to be selling the house: I have put off listing it because of the mess. I am not inviting people in: Where would they sit and if I move the pile of papers, would I be able to relocate them?

Then there are bags of fleece, boxes of dishes, framed everything leaning in growing numbers against the walls–even piles of boxes and stacks of packing tape.

I just remembered that years ago I read a book, “My Brother’s Keeper,” by Marcia Davenport. I am quickly boxing and labeling things instead of leaving the piles sit. Sorry Mom, this is no reflection on you. There are no tunnels, the housekeeper is still coming. It is a clean mess and only temporary, I promise.

Another load is set to head for Oklahoma in just a few weeks. Unless I label these boxes carefully, I see a new mess at the other end of the journey.

Back to work.


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2 Responses to “Hoarding”

  1. Barefoot Beachbaby Says:

    Look on the bright side: moving offers an excellent opportunity to purge junk, unused, unwanted, broken, outgrown and forgotten items. Sell, donate or give away anything you don’t use; it beats packing & shipping it!! šŸ™‚

  2. zenasurialpacas Says:

    On Saturday, I was wondering what to do with my shoes. I had a lot that no longer fit and even some I’d never worn. The answer–donate. A bag with a note appeared on our white picket fence. We donated everything from sandals to boots, for men and women. That felt good. Now for the clothes…

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