ARI blood card photos-alpacas

This is an addendum to my previous post on registering alpacas. I figured it might be easier to visualize if you are able to see the blood card. It is fairly self explanatory and easy to complete. Put sufficient blood in the circle to almost fill it and let it air dry. On the back, where it is blurred is a Bar Code and the number your alpaca will have through all eternity.

Don’t forget to physically send the card to ARI–no blood, no registration. That and the information you filled out online (and the payment you made) gets you a nice certificate with a really cool hologram and you are all set to breed or show your alpaca.

ARI Blood Card

Back of ARI blood card packet

Blood Card


Back of blood card packet

Back of blood card packet


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2 Responses to “ARI blood card photos-alpacas”

  1. tazzieval Says:

    thanks for that, great work and I know you are busy. Funnily enough that is the same method we use for babies in Australia, human babies, each gets blood tested via paper blot for PKU and other disorders post-natal before discharge from hospital.

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