Packing our Lives for our Alpacas

They say you have to break some eggs to make an omelet (and you do have to make a bit of a mess to pack), but this is getting ridiculous. I am trying to sort and box and label the contents of our home, our burgeoning alpaca business, my father’s clock shop, and an ebay business. The idea is that, since we have to sort through everything, there is no time like now.

The dining room

Some of everything in the dining room

The study

Things get worse before they get better.

Part of me just wants to toss everything into boxes and sort it at the other end where there is more room and I can spread things out before I move them into their respective appropriate places. I suspect that would make less sense–more moving weight and space, more boxes, a greater distance between those spaces. There is a lot of distance between the upstairs of the house and the upstairs of the barn. A box with the correct writing on the side might just wind up in the correct building.

I don’t want to be packing. 😦   I just want to magically be moved.

I doubt I am alone. Have you noticed, as I have, the large number of people on social networks who are moving, have just moved or who want to move? Perhaps this could be a sign that the economy is turning around. I think there is a run on moving boxes. We have our next trailer reserved and the question is only when it goes.


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2 Responses to “Packing our Lives for our Alpacas”

  1. Kathryn | Alpacamundo Says:

    I have absolutely notices that a lot of people are moving. Actually not just moving, but moving for their alpacas.

    We sold and gave away a lot of stuff when we packed up our house in ABQ. Now that I’m unpacking in NoCO, I’m finding things that I think we should have sold or gave away.

    I guess it’s a never ending process.

    Good luck to you both. I hope the move is smooth and peaceful.

  2. zenasurialpacas Says:

    I have actually found dresses I wore in the sixties! One wool ones too moth-eaten to even consider doing anything with except toss. Some of my things no one in their right minds would even consider giving to charity. I’ll keep packing until I panic, then I’ll just stuff things into boxes.

    Thanks for the good wishes and here are good wishes for all who are involved in moving.

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