Still trying to get alpacas ready for show–so a couple more photos

speculating on purchasing and breeding alpacasWe bought everyone we could figure out how to buy.

I scared Tom silly with my ideas about alpacas, yet he still loves me.I suggest to Tom that we probably NEED, the house, the barn, and 17 more alpacas. He actually took it rather well. If you’ve been reading this blog, you know what happened– and he STILL loves me!

Spot the Wonder Dog had surgery on Thursday.Spot the Wonder Dog had surgery for suspected cancer (and you thought we had a lot on our plates) and had his teeth cleaned at the same time. I figured if he had to be out for one he should have both done. Today we got word that it was not cancer. He is celebrating by taking his antibiotics and pain medication. We alternate with treats and he gobbles them down. I think he’ll be disappointed when the pills are gone since he’s begging for them twice a day when he knows it’s time for them.

Tomorrow we are enroute to Loveland, Colorado for the Fall Fest with Cavatina, Fantine, and Cantu. Wish us luck.


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