Happy ABR Fall Fest for Zena Suri Alpacas

Cantu wins double blue at Fall Fest

Cantu wins double blue at Fall Fest

Our boy Cantu and our girls Fantine and Cavatina were shorn six months ago and we almost decided not to go to Alpaca Breeders of the Rockies’ Fall Festival. Then we realized that if we didn’t, we’d lose the invaluable experience of going to a second show with Don Llewellyn of Fox Run Suri Alpacas. Don and his wife Carla have been our mentors ever since (and a bit before) our entry into the alpaca world.

Cantu handily walked away with the Blue for Halter with the judge lavishly praising him–his conformation, his fleece, his presence, his lock, his luster. He didn’t get a second look for either of the championships, but shorn alpacas are just not as showy as those in full fleece and I might have awarded ribbons exactly the same way. Still, our guy is a good looker who hasa great stance and actually calms down when I stroke him under the chin. 🙂  Go Cantu! You’re not far from getting to strut your stuff in front of the girls. With all you have going for you, you should make an excellent herdsire.

I procrastinated entering the Spin-off until the very last day possible, taking Fox Run’s Solaris’ down the mountain from Wanship, UT and getting both mailed a few minutes before the post office closed–a smart move for all of us since both two ounce fleece samples won blue ribbons (and Solaris added a ribbon for Judges Choice.) I was worried that I would mess something up and ruin Cantu’s chances. I don’t know why since we have done exceptionally with our fleece–of five entries, we have four ribbons that are red or blue. (I do think I messed Cavatina up because she received nothing for one entry and I think it was because I included a couple of locks of her lighter fleece, thinking it was representative of her–not a good idea at all–and they said her fleece had color contamination.) Oh well, that’s how you learn.

Cavatina takes Third at ABR Fall Fest

Cavatina takes Third at ABR Fall Fest

Cavatina can be a pistol, but she put on her good behavior enough to show rather nicely and get her photo taken. She again wound up in a fawn category and maybe her fleece is now at a place where it is fawn. She finished a respectable third of four under Fantine. I think she is probably done showing and ready to breed. If we choose carefully, that little one could have fantastic fleece for hand spinning. I’ve been trying my hand at that and I may use hers up all by myself since it spins so easily.


Fantine Takes a Second at ABR Fall Festival

Fantine Takes a Second at ABR Fall Festival

For some reason, normally docile Fantine took a disliking to having her photo taken a Fall Fest, so you will find us all in this photo at a rather odd angle, really close to the hay bale. I think she was looking for a lap to get into. (It could be she thought all of the props should be edible.) I was about to say that Fantine is my favorite alpaca so I put her last, but then I remembered Cantu, and Cavatina, and Cosette, and SkyKing, and ….  You get the idea, it goes on and on–29.5 now and any day Betty  will deliver and expand out little herd yet again.

Hopefully, I will get another chance to blog again tomorrow. I have a lot to say about going to shows–from a novice’s point of view still. There will be more photos and more of my thoughts on what I did wrong and what I did right. Of course the alpacas are perfect. 🙂


2 Responses to “Happy ABR Fall Fest for Zena Suri Alpacas”

  1. tazzieval Says:

    very nice. Does the organising committee supply the photographic backdrops?

  2. zenasurialpacas Says:

    A photographer is there on site to take photos and sell them to you if you want them taken and he supplies the backdrop, I think. I suspect third place ribbons will be the first we omit (We did opt for a photo of our 4th place winner at the previous show we did, knowing it was the only show she would be doing “in person.”

    Cavatina and Fantine will be bred shortly, so this will be their last physical showing too. I suspect their fleece may appear for the next bit though.

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