Fall Fest Show for Owners and Alpacas

Before I continue entering info on our herd into openherd, I thought I would select a few unposed photos of the show process. Tom and I learned a lot about driving with alpacas–check on them every 100 miles or so. It’s good for them to stop bouncing, there is ample opportunity to make certain they are eating and that there is plenty of clean water. As an added bonus, the driver gets to make a pit stop and the gasoline and coffee levels are topped off.

Tom spreads bedding

Tom spreads the cardboard bedding at Fall Fest

The show venue provides a bedding material, which needs to be de-lumped and spread to withing six or so inches of the edge of the stall. We joined in with Fox Run Suri Alpacas and rented two stalls since they only had one alpaca they were showing and we didn’t need our boy Cantu mating with both of our nearly-ready-to breed girls on this occasion.

Tom and Don Llewellyn spread out the alpaca mats

Tom and Don spread out the alpaca mats

Alpaca mats are loosely woven stall-sized coverings that keep undesirable liquid (yes, that’s exactly what I mean) away from your beautiful show animals. Having them also means you don’t need excess hay or straw and you can easily remove beans from the area. Remember to bring hay and that you have clean water. We often buy, or bring water that the alpacas are accustomed to drinking and we bring hay from home since changing hay can cause digestive troubles.

The alpacas are under enough stress without adding to it.

The alpacas are under enough stress without adding to it.

Keeping the fleece clean at home and on the road means that it will have the luster and cleanliness needed to show it off to its best advantage. It’s not so much the bits of hay that are on top, as Cantu is showing as it is ground in nastiness that judges (quite rightly) hate to touch. The white alpaca, Fox Run’s Solaris by Apocalypse and our dark brown boy Fox Run’s Cantu by Nomar took home blue ribbons in the Spinoff as well as in Halter judging.

Solaris, who is for sale and can also be seen on Fox Run’s website and on Alpacanation also snagged the Judges Choice ribbon.

CIMG1566Seven ribbons for four alpacas isn’t very discouraging at all. I guess we’ll be doing more shows.


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2 Responses to “Fall Fest Show for Owners and Alpacas”

  1. WonderWhyGal Says:

    Hooray for ribbons! Nice to have the step by step…I remember my first show. Eek! We’ve also been to shows where they provide sod. One show was extremely wet sod. All the white on the legs and feet ended up green. Luckily the judge wasn’t terrible since WE ALL had the same problem. Not good thinking on the show’s part.

    • zenasurialpacas Says:

      This was only the second show for Tom and I so what we are learning is pretty basic plus a crash course. We are truly fortunate to have the kind of mentors who will go right with you and hold your hand (possibly to keep you from tearing out your hair or biting your nails.

      The idea of wet sod makes me cringe–unless there is a multi category that includes semi-green as one of the colors.

      When we purchased our girls a boatload of ribbons and banners came with them and I am so proud to own these magnificent creatures. I hope we can do the herd justice–I picked some of the herdsires for the generation being born over the next year. What a responsibility!

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