Moving Day Approaches–Zena Alpacas

I haven’t been on here in just about forever since I have been occupied with our new ranch and herd. In case anyone hasn’t heard, we now have 30 suri alpacas courtesy of another purchase (17) girls. 10 of our girls are now pregnant with one due any day. The cria gave an enormous kick yesterday, so it’s in there, thinking about exiting.

Fantine gets ready for showing and moving

Don Llewellyn and I discuss haltering and shots while Fanny hides her face in my arm for comforting. All of the alpacas will go through herd health, receiving vitamins plus injections for worming since there are white-tailed deer (UT does not have this species) meningeal worm carriers in our area of Oklahoma. I am learning all I can before the actual move. On this day–subcutaneous injections, not so difficult since I once had a cat who needed IVs.

A large portion of our move happens in about a week when our three cats, Spot the dog, Tom and I head south over the Thanksgiving holiday. I will be back to finish up in Utah, but the house will be largely empty and Tom may remain in Oklahoma since he begins teaching in January.

The first load of girls and boys should arrive before the end of the year and the true story of Zena will start its next chapter.


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