Moving Day Minus 2, Minus Alpacas

“…and they loaded up their truck and they moved to Beverly, Hills that is…”

And some of us are moving to Zena, OK and the trailer will be loaded on Tuesday. I just wish we were taking everything, but not enough is finished in Oklahoma to move it all, so we have settled for moving several large pieces of furniture and a lot of boxes.

Actually the biggest and most important things we will be moving are our three cats, Madeline, Bristol and Antonia. We took Bristol to the vet to learn about sedation since he is a screamer. He was all upset just going to the vet. Imagine 1500 miles!

The alpacas aren’t going with us immediately since the fences aren’t up yet and we have finishing to do on the inside of the barn. So this time we’ll have to settle for getting the apartment into reasonable order, setting up the barn and figuring out where those all-important fences go.

Tom has an appointment on December 3, hence the trip down now. Of course it won’t hurt a thing to have these infernal boxes moved. There are 20 boxes of books right now and probably another 20 to go and we won’t even go into the clocks (my father worked on clocks in his later years), and I am into crafts, spinning, knitting (fledgling) and of course, alpacas.

Speaking of alpacas, here is a photo:

Tika is actually an appaloosa.

While Tika looks like she’s a solid color, she has more than a dozen spots in her blanket alone, so I guess she should have been included in the photos of multis, but it’s easy to glance at her and forget she’s not a solid color.

Since I don’t have much time this morning, this will have to do. …And I know I own you photos of the cats too.


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2 Responses to “Moving Day Minus 2, Minus Alpacas”

  1. tazzieval Says:

    we once drove 1600kms with Miss Penny and her 4 lively kittens – it was quite an experience. Sneaking into the motel was the tricky bit! LOL Travel safely.

  2. zenasurialpacas Says:

    Madeline, the 17 year old black cat, has flown on airplanes. People sitting near me didn’t know she was there until we hit some really rough weather and it sounded like I said “mew?” You should have seen the look on my seatmate’s face.

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