Alpacas and I in Utah

I’m packing and packing. What is this deal? There’s not a dog, a cat, an alpaca or a person in sight. It looks like 32 degrees will be the high for the week–if the thermometer makes that. I have eleventy-two thousand boxes to pack, a realtor to hire, clean-up, and a trailer to haul to Oklahoma. What’s wrong with this picture? I think I’ll order a truck and take as much as I can this trip.

They tell me the big west-facing windows should be put in this week and I’m missing it. Our little Demi has lost four pounds from the cold and there are single digit temperatures predicted for the next couple of nights. If it’s that cold here, it can only be worse up in the mountains. There is no green grass. I need to get to work and spring us all.

Meanwhile, Tom’s in OK fiddling with warm sensibilities–satellite TV and teaching. He’s eating breakfast out while I’m dining on what’s left in the cabinets so I won’t have to move as much. He’s complaining that it’ll only be 40 today in Grove while we’re working with 27 here. Grumble, grumble, grumble.

ZsaZsa’s little boots are such a hoot and she was born with enough fleece that it swings back and forth when she walks–itΒ  even did on the day she was born. The word is that she’s a pronking instigator.

Look at that sweet little face! I guess I’m in love all over again.

Well, I’d better get packing.


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10 Responses to “Alpacas and I in Utah”

  1. WonderWhyGal Says:

    I LOVE Zsa Zsa! Look at her! She’s gorgeous! Now, when you get super sick of packing go out to that barn and bask in the glory of that beautiful cria. BEAUTIFUL!

    • zenasurialpacas Says:

      The move is because the alpacas are 40 minutes up the mountain from me in SLC. 😦 Hence I’m packing madly.

  2. Moonstruck Says:

    I see you are moving to OK! I thought Utah was very nice for alpacas. I sure can feel for you – I moved from Phoenix clear to the boonies in Iowa to set up my own farm and raise alpacas. Moving is the pits! I always said I had found my dream home and wanted to be buried in the back yard! Then the alpacas found me….. end of story and beginning of a new one…. I will be thinking of you and hoping it’s all going well. Having a husband is a tremendous asset, even if you are apart for a little bit during the move. God bless, Ruth.

    • zenasurialpacas Says:

      Utah and alpacas seem to be a good fit, just not for us. I’m getting too ancient for single digit weather and our nice house here, while convenient to everything, has no alpaca space. It does have a wonderful location, an actors equity theatre just up the street, place for coffee and sandwiches a block away, University of Utah right here. I was staying at the house in Richmond until I died (the one before SLC), alpacas (and husbands) make you do odd things. I hope you are enjoying Iowa and your alpacas.

      • Carol Says:

        What do you mean, you “died” in Richmond ? and by the way, your new cria, Zsa Zsa, is adorable ! I love those boots !

      • zenasurialpacas Says:

        That’s weird. Obviously I never died in Richmond and as I look at the context, I have no idea what I meant–unless it was that I stayed in Richmond and packed after Tom left like I am doing right now in Salt Lake. Hanging out by yourself while packing drives one nuts. BTW, do you have Verizon? The boots are so perfect I’m amazed every time I look at Zsa Zsa.

  3. tazzieval Says:

    oh that little Zsa Zsa is to die for – our little ZsaZsa is a solid brown huacaya, and very cute also. Our only Suri is sooky la la Zeke, 2 yrs old and still hanging about with his mother. More Suri on horizon for me, for spinning, I’d love a light fawn suri fleece in the studio. We just took Zeke’s coat off, will weigh it and let you know how much we have, it is gorgeous white suri, so looking forward to spinning it. Take care, pack well, good luck with sale.

  4. zenasurialpacas Says:

    We keep stealing your names. Of course great minds think alike. Our Zsa Zsa was inspired by Eva Gabor from the TV show Green Acres (her sister.) We named our Zeke before we knew you. πŸ™‚ SkyKing is about as white as you can get–I love his little pink-lined ears. The babies this fall are some of the best we’ve had. I’m glad there are no more this year. It will be 9 F here tonight and I don’t even want to think about how cold it will be up in Wanship. Thanks for the good wishes.

  5. bluemoonranch Says:

    That cria is too cute! I only wish you had acreage behind your place in the Avenues so you could stay in Utah! It really IS a nice place for alpacas. πŸ™‚ It’s 4 degrees here as I type, but I see bunches of cud chewing on the cams so all is well and I have a nice fire in the house for me! And I will definitely move fast when I am out taking care of the critters in a while. πŸ™‚

    • zenasurialpacas Says:

      It’s a shame to have to leave the area. I do hate the cold though and OK is Utah plus 10-15 degrees most of the winter. It’s the people you hate to leave. I mean, who will felt or spin with me?

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