Alpacas–Missing, and I’m Bereft

So. Here we are in Zena, OK. We are now living in the apartment over the unfinished barn. When it warms up a bit, I will go out and photograph the unfinished barn and then I will probably complain a bit about how cold it is. How cold is it? It is as cold as… (fill in your favorite euphemism for it is as cold as…drat, I can’t even say THAT either.) Let’s face it, it is colder here than it is in Utah right now. Wrong, wrong, wrong. Why is it colder here–and windy to boot?

It is too cold to bring our alpacas here, the trip would doubtlessly be fatal to a few. Forget my alpaca withdrawal. We are forging on and have ordered the panels for the stalls in the barn and halters to lead our mythical alpacas around. The panels should be here on Thursday or Friday–after the big chill.

Spot and MeThis is someone I know (without makeup) hugging my dog Spot for warmth. Note the robe–it’s like wearing a coat indoors. Alpaca fiber forever! This fleece is worth its weight in gold.

They are now saying it will be 3 degrees here tonight and it will only be worse tomorrow and the next night. Depending on who you talk to, this will be thecoldest cold snap in 7, 20, or 70 years. We are running water in the sinks, hoping it doesn’t freeze like the washing machine has. Who knows how long we will have to live without clean clothes. (OK, we have enough clean clothes for a week and I’m milking sympathy.) Please send me some.

Since the barn is not finish, the wind whips right on through. I am wondering how deeply the pipes from the well house were buried.

If you tuned in hoping for alpaca photos, here is one. They are still in Utah where it is a balmy 35-40 degrees during the day.

Madrigal is pregnant! We are expecting up to 16 cria in the next year. Get your order in. All are suri, full-Peruvian and some are all or part Accoyo–lots of moms are color or reserve color champions. We’re on and hope to be on alpacanation shortly.

Whew! More soon, when my brain has thawed.


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