Awaiting the First Alpacas in Oklahoma

It’s hard to believe that the first group of our alpacas is finally on its way to Oklahoma. I am exhausted and elated. They arrive either late Wednesday or on Thursday. We have temporarily stopped work on the house and concentrated on the barn, paddocks and pastures. Tom has begun his fifth week of teaching. Tommy’s play in Virginia is winding down and the hope for Spring is at the back of our minds.

As usual, I’m having a terrible time loading my photos, but with luck that will be corrected shortly. In the meantime, I am taking photos that will eventually appear on this site. Bear with me… I am so excited I can hardly function.

Can you believe it? We purchased our first three alpacas in 2008.

Fourteen alpacas are in the first load–Three of the “big” boys, Allegiance, Marti, and Cantu…one little boy, Zeke… and ten girls–all full Peruvian suris.

Allegiance is a handsome dark fawn 11/16-Accoyo who, among other awards, took a Reserve Championship at the National Alpaca Sweepstakes where he was brought up from second to surpass all but the Champion. This photo is from last fall: he is now about 170 pounds and has filled out amazingly and acquired a massive masculine head. We will be breeding him to a couple of our girls this year and offering limited outside breedings.  This photo was taken last fall, long before he hit his current 170 pounds and before his head became so massive (I’m told–and I have to rely on reports since it has been two months since I last saw any of my alpacas.) I’m anticipating his arrival so very much–this is a Starbuck grandson! Photos will definitely follow!

Our pure white Martillo is a half-Accoyo Torbio son with the finest fleece of any alpaca we own, but he has never shown because of a single brown spot on his blanket. His mom is our Futurity-winning Bay Black foundation female Laguna–so we think there is a lot of color in his future. If I can reach a point where I can see straight, I’ll try some of his fleece in a spin-off or two.

Cantu is our beautiful root beer colored, red/brown MacGyver grandson, who has won for us in both halter and fleece. His dam Coriana was a stunning True Black Reserve Champion. She hailed from the Angel line, a line of animals with a consistent history of dark rich color.

The genetics in this trio are awesome!

Don’t get me started on our girls just now, or we’ll be here all night. Fantine’s fleece sample sent to the TxOLAN Spin-off took a blue, the top-score in her suri color group, and the Judge’s Choice award. We’re talking fleece here and our Zena Suris are superb. Someday, if I ever have the time, I’m going to figure out how many awards we have or hang them up and photograph them. I hope that doesn’t sound like bragging, but I DO love awards.

I am learning to spin–on the seconds mostly–since I’m afraid of ruining these wonderful fleeces. I wonder if I will ever be good enough to feel worthy to work on the blankets. I think I will have to sell some fleeces if I can find a worthy spinner since there will be thirty or so new ones coming off in just a few months.

Sigh. I must try to get some sleep. How can someone be so terrified and elated at the same time? How will I ever sleep? Will I be a good alpaca mamma?


2 Responses to “Awaiting the First Alpacas in Oklahoma”

  1. Jenni Says:

    You show all the signs of an excellent mama— I’m excited for you!!

    • zenasurialpacas Says:

      Thank you for the vote of confidence! I should be in bed but I’m just so excited. I think I may have mentioned that.

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