Alpacas and Spot Meet

Ever since Spot met chickens and I had to sprint madly across the parking lot at Fox Run Suri Alpacas and into the barn to save one he suddenly had his eye (and just before I grabbed him) his mouth on, I’ve been more than a little nervous about him and the alpacas. True, he didn’t actually injure it. However had I been a nanosecond later, I cannot vouch for his character.

Since then we have dealt with him and my friend Patti’s guinea hens–and he has learned that just because it runs, it doesn’t mean it should be chased–a difficult lesson for a breed (cocker spaniel) that is supposed to flush and fetch birds.

Today, we decided that Spot could not avoid alpacas through all eternity.

The boys want to know what “that thing” is, but there is no panic, only curiosity. Spot held his ground and accepted all of the sniffs offered without offering any hostility. Spot, asked to sit and stay, did except when he collapsed into a heap and just let them check him out. Yay Spot! You are the dog we hoped you would be around alpacas.

So Spot got up and quietly walked away while Allegiance and Cantu watched. Good dog Spot.


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2 Responses to “Alpacas and Spot Meet”

  1. Valeri Says:

    Wow, what a good dog Spot is, he is going to melt many a heart as he grows in confidence with your pacas. Bet you are glad you can put that worry behind you, one less thing to deal with.

  2. Kathryn | Alpacamundo Says:

    Whew. What a load off.

    For us, the alpacas knew what dogs were, but our dog had never seen alpacas before. He wanted to chase them but stopped when we called him off. He now knows the alpacas are to be protected, but he and our maiden do like to chase each other.

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