Noah’s Ark Alpacas–two by two

We were blessed with six crias (baby alpacas) last year, a pair of white ones, a pair of brown ones, and a pair of ??? OK, that’s not a matched set. A little respite today before I go on and on about our new cria, born yesterday. Yes, the suspense is killing me too, but not all of the pictures and details are in yet so you’ll just have to wait like me.

Today, photos of last year’s crop of cuties before the onslaught of this year’s crias.

SkyKing and Cosette

SkyKing and Cosette

The black spot on King’s neck appears to be goop of some unknown origin and is not a sign of color genetics. There’s Starbuck in his genetics and Kotzebue is his sire. Mom is our multi Sonnet. Cosette is Montoyo’s daughter by our own multiple award winning Amber Rose.

Ezekiel (Zeke) and Tevilla

Ezekiel (Zeke) and Tevilla

Zeke is the son of Nomar, grandson of MacGyver and our Divinity and Tevilla is daughter of Kalvin and our own Dynasti.

Cruz and Drusilla

Cruz and Drusilla

Cruz is everyone’s favorite baby doll, personable and fond of petting. He’s a Nomar son, MacGyver grandson from our own Mindy May. Drusilla is a true black girl, also a Nomar daughter and MacGyver granddaughter. Mom is our Laguna by Brigadier.

There. I’ve finally given you a few photos to look at and enjoy. Time for me to go out and enjoy them in person. If you’re out our way, come on by.


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