Watching Alpacas–TV Broken

We bought a new RCA 32″ television in November from Walmart. The plate on the back says it was made in August 2009. In early March it decided we didn’t need a picture; last week it decided we didn’t need sound either. Now you may ask why we kept it around until the sound quit. Simple, we moved and I put the receipt in a “safe” place where Tom couldn’t lose it. The television didn’t move, I just came to join it and Tom in Oklahoma.

No matter, right? Walmart stands behind the things they sell. Wrong. We tried to exchange the television for a working model and were informed: 1) It was a DirectTV problem but they would not even test the set. 2) We had had the set for 93 days and their cut-off for returns was 90 days. No problem, right? They gave us a number for RCA so we could deal with them. Small problem though, the number doesn’t work and good luck finding a real person on the internet. So now we are down to the little ancient television in my office, the one that was old five years ago that we only brought to Oklahoma because it plays VHS tapes.

Once things calm down here, I expect to suddenly discover the receipt. In the meantime, does anyone have a contact for RCA? The good news is that since we can only watch the tv in the office, we no longer seem to need the new tv as much. The bad news is that I have missed American Idol, Dancing with the Stars, The Biggest Loser, and The Amazing Race and I think I may care a bit–just not enough to check on the internet to see how everyone is doing. So for this time being, at least, we are out hundreds of dollars.

In the meantime, there’s the Alpaca Network out the windows.


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