Carmel Sundae Administers Alpaca Therapy

I just had an amazing experience. I always thought alpacas might be therapeutic but I had no idea. Tonight is one of my truly difficult times with compound regional pain syndrome and I went downstairs and just plain screamed. I didn’t want Tom to hear me. Rough.

While I was downstairs, screaming so loudly Tom could hear me upstairs, Carmel Sundae came to me. Alpacas like to stand at about arm’s length so you can’t touch them. Carmel came over and offered herself to me. She let me touch her bonnet, her baby, and anything else that amused me. There is nothing like the trust of something so soft that comes to you because you need it. I am truly blessed. I have a wonderful husband and alpacas that understand. Who would have ever thought.


2 Responses to “Carmel Sundae Administers Alpaca Therapy”

  1. wonderwhygal Says:

    When my Dad died…I found myself in the barn all the time. I always left feeling better. The understand eyes and humming of my herd was like getting a thousand hugs.

    I hope you are feeling better.

  2. zenasurialpacas Says:

    This morning I went out feeling terrible. I still feel terrible, but there is a certain ease early in the morning with a soft wind blowing and alpacas grazing all around. I think if we could bottle it, there would be no need for drugs and strife in the world. Maybe still for a nice glass of wine. 🙂

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