Alpacas, Heat, Where IS that Camera Cord?

OK. The thermometer has officially hit 88 degrees and the real feel is 92. Just over two months ago it was 27 below zero with a nasty wind chill on top of that. Who would have imagined? We have not turned on the air conditioner because of ceiling fans and a gorgeous breeze. Because of Tom’s schedule we moved shearing to next week so today is a truly lazy day.

You may ask how the alpacas are taking the weather. They are out in their new field, some basking in the sunshine, some grazing on the lovely grass and some enjoying–shade. Yes, there are a few trees and a three-sided barn out there. The main water sources are closer in and I suppose we will have to run water out there eventually. Currently they just saunter in for a good, long cool drink before moseying out again. There is so much grass out there that they occasionally just cush and chew cud for a while.

I am setting up a hammock on the porch for easier viewing (if I don’t fall asleep.) Everything is simply gorgeous. If I could only find that camera cord or the one I bought when I couldn’t find it last time I’d show you. I think they are together in the same safe place. Does anyone know how to send a photo from my cell phone?



One Response to “Alpacas, Heat, Where IS that Camera Cord?”

  1. Kathryn | Alpacamundo Says:

    Oh my goodness. It sounds like summer suddenly happened.

    But ahhh to have a hammock… I have one on my list. 🙂

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