Alpaca Photos! Luster and the Field

Coco demonstrates luster

Coco Demonstrates Fantastic Luster

Finally a couple of pictures! Granted they are taken with my cell phone and it has a permanently clouded lens, but there is nothing that can hide just how gorgeous Coco is–and Carmel Sundae looks pretty good for six and a half years old too. Carmel’s most recent cria is Stagedoor Johnny who is a simply stunning and promising junior herdsire.

It ‘s amazing what a few weeks of great hay, extra grain, and a huge field of verdant grass can do. Everyone is packing on the pounds. Here is a photo of the alpacas in the new field.

The alpacas love their new field.

I had to lure the alpacas into the new field with grain. Carmel is the alpha female, so most of the other alpacas followed her as she followed me to the open gate. When we reached it I heard something similar to the sound a child makes at Christmas when it sees all of the presents spread under the tree. Gone were any thoughts about the grain as she dashed 15 feet into the field before suddenly stopping to eat–she was nearly run over by the others scrambling to get in too. There is plenty of room for all. I am going to move the boys over to the vacated girls fields where the grass is now running amok since it was had rain, warmth and sunshine and no one eating it. That will give the boys’ fields time to rest a bit before formal weaning. Many of the crias are already naturally weaned but a few are not above grabbing what they can get on the side.

Amber Rose and her Cria Samantha Before the Mad Dash

A couple of the alpacas had to be haltered and brought to the field. Amber was a skeptic. The former alpaca fields for the girls wereย  two acres and one and one-half acres. This one is 15 acres and they love running and pronking in it. (The odd shape in the foreground is my finger.) We bring the girls into the paddocks at night, or should I say they bring themselves in and we shut the gates for added security. Now we have to get up extra early because they line up in the little one acre field by the gate just before dawn waiting to get into it. I love watching them as they graze in a herd, moving up and down the field and back and forth across it. We are all in love with the new field.


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2 Responses to “Alpaca Photos! Luster and the Field”

  1. Kathryn | Alpacamundo Says:

    I love the photo from the field with all of the alpacas in front of the house and barn and the big blue sky. Simply idylic. ๐Ÿ™‚

  2. SnowDiamondAlpacas Says:

    spectacular scenery…loved it allot ๐Ÿ™‚

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