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My New Spring Resolution–Alpacas

April 2, 2011

After one tough, record-breaking winter we are crawling out to inspect the damage and to prepare for shearing–yes, shearing will be on April 8 this year.

We had not one but two “Storm of the Century” events that brought 14 inches of snow and a week later 27 inches of snow (our average yearly snowfall here is 8 inches), a record-setting 27 degrees below zero, and wind gusts around 30 mph. OK Mom Nature, we know you can surpass your own records after the driest, the coldest, the wettest, the hottest: Can we just be average for a bit?

In the midst of all of that on a cold, but sunny day I was on my way to try to help a friend’s llama that was down when I managed to totally roll and destroy my trusty Trail Blazer. When it was over, Spot (who had been sleeping in the back seat) and I were covered in soft dirt and basically OK. I got to go to the emergency room in an ambulance, had a flare-up of my RSD (Complex Regional Pain Syndrome)  and am still stiff and sore over three months later. I was scarcely able to move for weeks, but the call of the alpacas finally got me up and moving. They more than missed me–more on that at some later date.

Just now, I am going out to enjoy a sunny day in the 70s amongst my alpacas. They are so happy to see me that they come running even from the furthest fields. I find myself sneaking around, going out one of the other doors: Maybe I need a Halloween costume so they won’t know it’s me? Maybe I need to stop feeding special treats? I think I am just so happy to be a survivor that I have spoiled every one.




Carmel Sundae Administers Alpaca Therapy

July 16, 2010

I just had an amazing experience. I always thought alpacas might be therapeutic but I had no idea. Tonight is one of my truly difficult times with compound regional pain syndrome and I went downstairs and just plain screamed. I didn’t want Tom to hear me. Rough.

While I was downstairs, screaming so loudly Tom could hear me upstairs, Carmel Sundae came to me. Alpacas like to stand at about arm’s length so you can’t touch them. Carmel came over and offered herself to me. She let me touch her bonnet, her baby, and anything else that amused me. There is nothing like the trust of something so soft that comes to you because you need it. I am truly blessed. I have a wonderful husband and alpacas that understand. Who would have ever thought.