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Alpacas to Fall Fest!

November 5, 2009

I don’t have much time to blog this morning, but I thought I’d get a few words in since the last couple of blogs have been almost totally pictures. We have been busy, not only with getting our three attendees ready for the show, but also with learning as much as we can and the ubiquitous packing.

There are 10 girls who must be bred before they can come to Oklahoma and Fox Run’s Fierce Allegiance wants to know why he can’t get in on the action. He is our unproven soon-to-become herdsire, an extremely pretty, half accoyo boy. He can’t wait to be called a macho.

There are so many things we need to get–scales, a chute, enough hay for the winter, fencing, more halters and leads, a vet kit and medications and on and on. We plan to latch onto a few things at this show, so we’ll be shopping and showing.

We don’t have a lot of time before we have to get on the road and I’m not fully packed yet, so until the next blog, wish us well.


Still trying to get alpacas ready for show–so a couple more photos

November 4, 2009

speculating on purchasing and breeding alpacasWe bought everyone we could figure out how to buy.

I scared Tom silly with my ideas about alpacas, yet he still loves me.I suggest to Tom that we probably NEED, the house, the barn, and 17 more alpacas. He actually took it rather well. If you’ve been reading this blog, you know what happened– and he STILL loves me!

Spot the Wonder Dog had surgery on Thursday.Spot the Wonder Dog had surgery for suspected cancer (and you thought we had a lot on our plates) and had his teeth cleaned at the same time. I figured if he had to be out for one he should have both done. Today we got word that it was not cancer. He is celebrating by taking his antibiotics and pain medication. We alternate with treats and he gobbles them down. I think he’ll be disappointed when the pills are gone since he’s begging for them twice a day when he knows it’s time for them.

Tomorrow we are enroute to Loveland, Colorado for the Fall Fest with Cavatina, Fantine, and Cantu. Wish us luck.

Alpaca Limbo

November 1, 2009

I certainly would like to take a load of things down to Oklahoma. I’ve been packing and packing and there are boxes just about everywhere. You don’t even want to see this it’s so depressing. The moving company that brought, named for a crimson, round child’s toy packed and shipped so poorly that I have boxes of broken things.It was such a nightmare that I would rather personally drive trucks to Oklahoma. I had insurance, but the fight to get them to pay even minimally almost destroyed my already somewhat precarious health.

They did give me $30 to fix the $900 clock that cost $300 to repair–the one they packed under cast iron garden ornaments with no packing material whatever. I could go on and on but I won’t. Hundreds of very nice things were damaged or outright smashed. Ugh! Let’s move on here.

Fantine and me

Fantine and I trying to get to Carnegie Hall--practice, practice, practice

Why does Fantine always look so gorgeous, even down to the toes when I look like I just woke up? Maybe once I can spend more time with her I’ll learn her secret. She’s been beautiful from the moment she was born.

We are taking three of our alpacas to Fall Festival in Loveland, Colorado this upcoming weekend, Fantine, Cavatina, and Cantu. So in the midst of packing there’s this jaunt. It would have made sense to take a load of things and continue on to Oklahoma. But there has been a lot of rain and the new house and barn are still not habitable. In a few weeks, just not now, I’m told. Sigh.

Guess I’ll pack a few more boxes today.

Tomorrow, more alpaca walking and I pick up my spinning wheel! Will I get packed or will that have to wait until everything in the house is spun?

The Alpaca Lure

August 10, 2009

Long before we knew we would raise alpacas, we purchased a parcel of vacant land in far northeastern Oklahoma where it is green and beautiful. We did not know why we bought it except that I come from an old Irish family and the thought of owning land was drummed into my very soul from the time I was very young. Add some friends who also bought land in the area and a rancher who would pay to use the property until I knew why I had wanted it so much and it was a done deal.

Flash forward five years to the present and we’ll cover everything else eventually. We, my husband and I have 10 suri alpacas agisted near Salt Lake City, Utah. Oh, yes, and the 11th is in utero and due in November. As our herd has grown from the initial purchase–three because you can’t just have one and while two was nice, there was a price break at three–we have come to realize we find alpacas to be cute, sweet, and a great source of fiber and prize ribbons.

We did the math and realized agisting (boarding) was going to become prohibitive by the end of next year. Our mentors have been wonderful but sooner or later, if you want to have first-hand contact with your alpacas, you need your own place to keep them and your own knowledge of how to care for them. If you have an urge to buy an alpaca, find someone you can talk with easily, who raises alpacas of their own, who is willing to teach (and a good teacher). They will sell you one or more and be your mentor.

So then we decided to build a shed on the property for storage, then a house. Some time this winter we hope to be able to take our alpacas to Utah and move into the house. (They, of course, will move into the barn.)

Wish us luck, we’ll keep you posted.